2018 National and State NGAUS Award Nominations

National NGAUS Awards

The National Guard Association of the United States Awards Program is designed to recognize individuals and organizations who, by superior performance, acts of heroism or meritorious service, make a contribution to the goals of the National Guard Association of the United States, to the purpose and effectiveness of the broader National Guard or to the stability and security of the United States of America. Note: All Guard officer nominations must be a member of NGAUS.

The roots of the Awards Program go back to 1936 with the presentation of the first Pershing Plaque. In 1950, the Distinguished Service Medal was adopted. Since the Program’s inception, nine more individual awards have been established: The Harry S. Truman Award, the Association’s highest award; the Montgomery Medal; the Meritorious Service Award; the Valley Forge Cross for Heroism; the Charles Dick Medal of Merit; the Patrick Henry Award, the Garde Nationale Trophy and the Theodore Roosevelt Leadership Award for Company Grade Officers. The Eagle Rising Award for Warrant Officers is the newest addition.

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for all 2018 NGAUS Individual Awards is May 15, 2018.

For further details: 2018 NGAUS Awards Information

State of New Mexico NGAUS Awards

LTG (Ret) Ed Baca Outstanding Company Grade Officer of the Year Award: 2018 Ed Baca Award Letter

MG (Ret) Tom Taylor Outstanding Second Lieutenant of the Year Award: 2018 Tom Taylor Award Letter

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for all 2018 State of New Mexico NGAUS Awards is April 9, 2018: NM NGAUS Scholarship Nomination 2018